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March, 2018

"Formulates a new understanding of a common concept (enlightenment) by framing it as a trans-historical and cross-cultural phenomenon"

"Provides an alternative to current resistance theory in arguing for new modes of intellectual engagement in politics in an age of crisis"

"Contextualizes the practice of critical theory within contemporary political discussions on topics such as climate change, nuclear proliferation, and war"

Eduardo Subirats, Christopher Britt, and Paul Fenn
Eduardo Subirats
New York University
Christopher Britt
George Washington University
Paul Fenn
Local Power Inc.
Intellectuals, World Disorder, and the Politics of Empire
This book is about the ways in which modern enlightenment, rather than liberating humanity from tyranny, has subjected us to new servitude imposed by systems of mass manipulation, electronic vigilance, compulsive consumerism, and the horrors of a seemingly unending global war on terror. The main intellectual aims of this title are the following: the analysis of spectacle, the criticism of providential enlightenment, and the examination of positive dialectics. The spectacle, in this case, is the apotheosis of the culture industries, a total inversion of reality and of our existences. Providential enlightenment is not only a critique of the failure of enlightenment, but of the mutilation of historical enlightenments. Positive dialectics signal a new era of intellectual engagement in the construction of our historical future.

During a time in which national democracies seem an imperial farce, it is not enough for intellectuals faced with all this destruction to blithely recommend "resistance." The book thus ties American, British, French and German theoretical traditions into a reflexive challenge to the notion of intellectual as critic, and argues instead for a trespassive tradition of cultural leadership.

Eduardo Subirats
Spectacle of Enlightenment, 2016; Linterna mágica, 1997; El continente vacío, 1994; América o la memoria histórica, 1994; Da vanguarda ao pós-moderno, 1984; El alma y la muerte,1983; La ilustración insuficiente, 1981.
Christopher Britt
Imperial Idiocy, 2017; Spectacle of Enlightenment, 2016; Quixotism, 2005
Paul Fenn
Spectacle of Enlightenment, 2016; This is Not a Theory, 2010; California Community Choice Energy Law, 2002; San Francisco Solar Bond Authority, 2001;  Massachusetts Municipal Aggregation Law, 1995